Welcome to our new website!

We are excited to finally have our new website up.  And, this time, we have online shopping!  We would appreciate your letting us know if you have any problems navigating the site.  We would also like to know if you have any suggestions to improve our website, the ease of online shopping or any other thoughts you have.

In future blogs, we will be talking about what we are working on and post pictures showing what’s on our design desks and work in process on our workbenches.

Thank you for visiting Two Silversmiths online.

Welcome to our new website!

Jerry Hunter

After two hectic years of creating new jewelry while reshaping our Two Silversmiths approach to our work and goals, we finally found time to bring our new website online, complete with a gallery from which you can view and purchase our work directly from us. We hope you enjoy your experiences here as much as we enjoy having this new opportunity to keep you up to date on new jewelry lines and pieces.

We would appreciate any comments, suggestions or improvements that occur to you as you browse our gallery and make purchases.

Among the changes we’ve made is reducing the number of galleries that represent us to Artists At Work in Brevard, NC, and The Jeweler’s Workbench in Waynesville, NC.