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Sterling Silver Iolite Earrings, Handcrafted



These sterling silver Iolite earrings feature 8mm round Select Iolite cabochons and half drilled Raven’s Wing Cultured Pearl Drops. The pearl drops feature 14K Gold Filled Screw Eyes.  The drops are attached to the earrings with 18K Yellow Gold jump rings.  We etch our design into 20 gauge  Argentium Sterling Silver.  Then we enhance these sterling silver Iolite earrings with hand stippling and a blackened patina. In order to add a little something special for the wearer, we have added a hand scribed unique design on the backs of the earrings.  We handcrafted the ear wires using 18K Yellow Gold.  These earrings measure 1-1/2” high and 1” wide.

These pretty “ladies” would be an exceptional addition to your jewelry collection.  The Iolite cabochons are a lovely translucent purple.  The Raven’s Wing Pearls shimmer a gorgeous purple when they catch the light.  As you can see, the touches of gold added by the ear wires and jump rings are perfect with the purple cabochons and drops.  These sterling silver Iolite earrings will complement many colors in your wardrobe.

An English professor of silversmithing invented Argentium sterling silver  in 1996.   Traditional sterling silver has a pure silver content of 92.5%.  In contrast, Argentium has a pure silver content of 93.5%.  A small amount of the element germanium replaces some of the copper. As a result, this new sterling silver is highly tarnish resistant, more workable and harder than traditional sterling silver.  Many people who are allergic to traditional sterling silver can wear Argentium sterling silver without a problem.

We sign every piece of our jewelry and stand behind our workmanship. You are welcome to use our “Contact Us” form to ask questions, make suggestions or to inquire about special requests or possible commissions.