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Pendant, .935 Argentium Sterling Silver, Azurite Malachite, Handcrafted Lines Design by Two Silversmiths



Navette shaped pendant. The Azurite Malachite cabochon has an appealing elongated teardrop shape and is a deep green with meandering lines of brown and splashes of deep purpley blues. The patterning of this cabochon brings to mind a rain forest crisscrossed with footpaths and a flowing river. Azurite Malachite has properties that broaden your horizon, allowing you to see things in many ways and to change old thinking patterns. The cabochon is set in a 28 gauge .935 Argentium Sterling Silver bezel. The Lines design was etched into 20 gauge .935 Argentium Sterling Silver. The etched areas are blackened with patina. The bail, on the back of the pendant is also etched. For the wearer we have hand scribed a unique design on the pendant back. Overall, this piece measures 1-1/2″h x 1-1/8″w and will accept any of the chains we offer.

Our .935 Argentium Sterling Silver chains are sold separately. Please see the “Chains” category to view our selection.

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