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And her name shall be Hope . . .

I don’t always name my jewelry but this lovely lady has a story. Her parts languished next to my workbench all winter. Parts left over from other projects I HOPED I would be able to use – a plain ring band, an overlay I had made for the ring band, a three lobbed flower cup hand wrought by Jerry. I looked over at those parts often thinking that I needed to do something with them. It always seemed that my inner voice, my Muse whispered in my ear – “It’s not time.”

Finally, Winter with her blustery winds and snow folded her tent and left Earth’s stage. It was time for Spring. I have always thought of Spring as a time of birth, rebirth, renewal. A time of hope. I again looked at those languishing parts. I thought, “I really need to do something with these.” And, my Muse finally whispered in my ear – “Yes, it’s time now.”

With every step needed to fabricate this ring, I hoped things would go well. I knew from the beginning that the hardest step would be to hand engrave the vine pattern onto the overlay which is only 3mm wide. I have done some hand engraving in the past but usually on a larger surface. I drew my pattern onto the overlay. Holding my breath and hoping, I started engraving. Amazingly, it looked great!

During these difficult times of not being able to see our families, our friends, not being able to walk through a gallery or sit in a restaurant for dinner, I think we all need things to be hopeful for in our lives. My hope as I labored on my ring project was that it would be something beautiful and I believe she is quite the beauty. More important, I hope to come through this pandemic healthy, grateful for the blessings we have, more aware that so many people need our love and support, and more aware of how much I value my friends, family and community.

Be safe and be ever hopeful.

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