August 30 through September 14, 2018, Bring Us Your Best XV

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August 30 through September 14, 2018, we participated in the Bring Us Your Best XV, an annual all-media visual art exhibition at Blue Ridge Community College. This event is sponsored by the Arts Council of Henderson County. Our entry was a three-piece display of “Wearable Art” — Art Deco Moderne pendants we named “Emilie,” “Camille” and “Zelda” shown in three hand-crafted Art Deco inspired oak cases with etched sterling ornamentation from our studio. All were displayed so that one could easily remove a pendant, wear it, then return it to its wall-hung box. We were pleased that the “Camille” pendant/display box was awarded the Honorary Mention ribbon in our category, the first time jewelry had won an award at Bring Us Your Best.