The Hunter’s jewelry is exquisite. It’s not only uniquely crafted; it is blanketed with excellence!
Every detail adds beauty – even the backs have design. I treasure my jewelry made by Jerry and Linda.

3 piece collector

I currently own three pieces expertly handcrafted by The Two Silversmiths. Each piece is unique and created with exceptional detail to quality. They have a very refined sense of aesthetics and I get compliments every time I wear them!

Jewelry full of Art and Inspiration

Jerry and Linda Hunter offer a lovely sense of design in their work. Their pieces demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship. Interpretations of art deco and art nouveau, coupled with well chosen stones, create beautiful results. I had to have a matching set of earrings and necklace soon after I saw their work.
They take enormous care in their work. I would highly recommend checking them out on their website. To see and purchase their work in person, one can visit Artists@Work, 51 West Main St, Brevard, NC 28712.

This jewelry is heirloom quality

I own two pairs of beautiful earrings, and whenever I wear them, I get compliments. Really, this jewelry is wearable art, exquisitely designed and hand-crafted–made with loving attention to detail. The jewelry is heirloom quality, and I hope to purchase additional pieces soon!

Superb Craftmanship and Classic Style

Superb craftsmanship and classic style. I purchased some unique earrings as a gift for my wife and they’ve become one of her favorite pairs. Everything I’ve seen from these two master silversmiths is tastefully and carefully handmade, and there’s an absolute attention paid to precision and classic detail.

Beautiful, one of a kind jewelry

Jerry and Linda make one of a kind, beautiful and professionally made jewelry. Each piece is truly a work of art. I have purchased several of their pieces for myself as well as for gifts and I find that every time I go out I chose one of their pieces to wear, not only because they are so beautiful but versatile as well. I see my family and friends wearing the pieces I have given them all the time. We truly love their jewelry!

My collection

Jerry and Linda’s jewelry is so lovely. Every day I wear a piece, whether earrings or a pendant, I get so many compliments. My husband bought me my first pendant and then I had to buy some earrings to go with it. From there I have added to the collection with 4 pendants and 6 pairs of earrings. Anytime a special occasion comes up my husband knows I want a piece of Two Silversmiths jewelry. Their artistry and style and craftsmanship is so unique and beautiful. Sold for life. Thanks Linda and Jerry for making any outfit beautiful!

Bear bracelet

Just bought a bear bracelet that Linda and Jerry made
They had a ring like it
I asked them if they could make me a bracelet like the ring
They did a great job !!!!
The etching was done with great detail
Both styles of the bear bracelet are really suberb!!!

Welcome to our new website!

Jerry Hunter

After two hectic years of creating new jewelry while reshaping our Two Silversmiths approach to our work and goals, we finally found time to bring our new website online, complete with a gallery from which you can view and purchase our work directly from us. We hope you enjoy your experiences here as much as we enjoy having this new opportunity to keep you up to date on new jewelry lines and pieces.

We would appreciate any comments, suggestions or improvements that occur to you as you browse our gallery and make purchases.